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Navinder Nangla

Mai5on Marjellah Tee

Mai5on Marjellah Tee

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Mai5on Marjellah tee by Navinder Nangla

This one's a special tee for me to drop and share with you all because when I was a kid teachers always made me write lines because my "S" looked to much like "5's"  because of my dicklegssick ways.

So now we're mixing it up on em, Pree the mixed up 5's & S's in the design!

This is a middle finger to those teachers who had me writing lines, let's throw them fingers up with style.

Grab yourself some wearable Art, Put it in Frame or in your Wardrobe.

 Regular Fit | 2 Colour Puff Printed Graphic | 100% Cotton | 180GSM

Please allow up to 7 business days for orders to arrive after receipt of shipping, Postman Pat been a bit long lately.

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